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The Chrome Berets are seeking new members. If you would like to be apart of the team, please apply through the new member portal to the right.

Who We Are ( Where We Come From )

The Chrome Berets are the official demo team for R. Talsorian Games. We are dedicated to demonstrating and improving R. Talsorian Games' products and properties.

The history of the Chrome Berets stems from a simple question posed by David Simpson on 8/30/05 about a demo team for Cyberpunk v.3. This lead to communications back and forth with R. Talsorian Games discussing various methods of running and creating the organization. After a 10 page formal proposal, the beast not only began to take shape, but also began to breathe. On 10/4/2005, R. Talsorian Games agreed that the, until now, hypothetical organization was worth the time, effort, and investment and the Chrome Berets became an official organization.

The Chrome Berets first went to work at Ubercon 2005 (October 14-16). The Chrome Berets distributed almost $125 in product prizes. Two events were run, and met with great enthusiasm.


So, what to say about myself? My name is Dave Simpson (I prefer being referred to as Knighthawk, though). I'm a college grad of The College of New Jersey (better known as Trenton State) where I majored in Communications (focussing on film). I am an active filmmaker, and I have an extensive resume of employers and film sets. I still live in New Jersey, surrounded by friends, family, and 4 furry devils that laymen call "cats." I've been gaming so long, one might have sworn I was born with dice in hand. I've been running games for more than sixteen years, and have been running Cyberpunk 2020 for thirteen years. I have written extensive articles, concepts, and expansions for Cyberpunk, and posted them on my website. This is the second gaming demo team I've been involved in (the first was Guardians of Order) and the first one I've ever organized or been the director of.

My other hobbies include anime, making anime music videos (they can be found on, guns, and writing. I look forward to building the team, making it a well oiled machine, and really helping more people enjoy our favorite games, and favorite past-time.

Happy dice rolling everyone!