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Chrome Berets Member Regulations

Eligibility:  To be eligible to be a member of the Chrome Berets, R. Talsorian Games' official demo team, you must meet the following qualifications:
  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You must own at least one R. Talsorian product and be familiar with it.
  3. You must have a personal e-mail account and regular access to the Internet.
  4. You must be registered with the forum at and check the Chrome Beret forum regularly.
  5. You must check the Chrome Beret website regularly.
Duties:  Chrome Beret members are expected to perform the following functions:
  1. Schedule demos at local stores and conventions.
  2. Run demos at stores and conventions
  3. Act as an ambassador of R. Talsorian Games to retailers and event participants.
  4. Become familiar with a variety of R. Talsorian Games products so you can effectively demonstrate various systems and settings to retailers and consumers.
Scheduling Demos:
  1. You will be expected to contact stores in your area and volunteer to run demonstration events.  Inform retailers that you are a member of the official demo team for R. Talsorian Games.
  2. Try to schedule the demo at least three weeks in advance so that the store / retailer has time to help you advertise your event, or provide resources for you.
  3. To remain an active member of the Chrome Berets, you should run at least one event every six weeks.  If no events are run after two months, you will be moved to the inactive roster.  If no events are run after another two months, you will be removed from the Chrome Beret roster all together.  Appeals will be heard and judged on an individual basis.
Running Demos:
  1. Demonstrations run at stores will be for the purpose of introducing new players to the game.  Games should be geared towards beginners, and your style should reflect this.
  2. Events run at conventions will be for the purpose of raising awareness of the company, new product, and for entertaining new and experienced players of R. Talsorian Games' products.  Scenarios may be more complex.  R. Talsorian Games will provide prize support for Chrome Beret members.
  3. Try not to turn players away, even if a little tardy.  Try to integrate them into the event as quickly as possible.  If unable to integrate (either due to event design, tournament play, or similar) refer them to open slots in another R. Talsorian Games event being run, or to the R. Talsorian Games website for more information.  Also provide them with the Chrome Beret address, so they may see what other conventions are going to be covered, possibly ones in their area.
  4. Remember that you represent the Chrome Berets, and R. Talsorian Games.  You are fully expected to adhere to the Chrome Beret Codes of Conduct (see below).
  5. Following the demo, you are expected to fill out and return to the Chrome Beret Supervisor all feedback forms.  Please provide retailers with feedback forms so that they may evaluate how the program worked in their store.
  6. Events run at personal residences will not be considered valid.
Your compensation:
This is being discussed with R. Talsorian Games.  As soon as these details are ironed out, this section will be revised.

Chrome Beret Codes of Conduct:  Chrome Beret members will adhere to the follow Codes of Conduct whenever they are running an official demo:
  1. Appearance
    • Personal appearance and hygiene must be exemplary.
    • You will wear slacks, a nice skirt, or jeans in very good condition along with a Chrome Beret shirt.  In the summer it is acceptable to wear shorts, provided they are khaki shorts and in excellent condition.
    • You must wear shoes in good condition.  Sandals, flip-flops, or other open, or open toed shoes are not acceptable.
  2. Behavior at the event
    • Make certain you are polite and courteous to all participants, onlookers, and other patrons.
    • Make certain that everyone feels included.
    • Answer as many questions as you can as politely and succinctly as you can.  Don't say, "I don't know," if you can avoid it.  It is ok to look up rules, or details you can't remember.  No one expects you to have all the rules memorized verbatim.
    • If asked questions regarding release schedules, story line continuity, or other R. Talsorian Games company issues you do not know the answer to, do not speculate or make something up.  Refer the person to the R. Talsorian Games website.  If the question is in regard to something Chrome Beret related, and you do not know the answer, refer them to the official website, or give them the supervisor's e-mail address.
  3. Facilitating the demo
    • Make sure you are well rested prior to running the demo.
    • Make sure you know the location of the store or convention and have good directions.  Allow plenty of time to get there, remember, you'll need time to setup before the time the event is scheduled to begin.
    • Prior to setting up, talk to the retailer (if this event is being run in a store) and find out exactly where he or she wants the demo to run, and what he or she expects of you when running it.  You want to leave the retailer with a favorable impression of you, the company, the product, and finally the demo team.  This will encourage him or her to stock the game and to schedule more demos.  Thus, work with him or her to create the atmosphere he or she wants.
    • Remember to thank the retailer, after the demo, for allowing you to run it.  Also direct his attention to the retailer feedback form and ask him or her to fill it out and send it in to the Chrome Beret Supervisor.